Sunday, March 23, 2008


A post by Atlas Shrugs and an article by Jim Kouri grabbed our attention in a big way. After the video of Rev. Wright hit the airwaves, we learned a little more about Obama. That issue, thanks to the MSM, is dying down a bit. But a new revelation about Obama's connections to radical types (funding terrorism) will be exposing yet another layer of Obama. We're just getting to know the "real" Obama, little by little, and I don't think you'll like what you're going to hear tonight.

Tonight, on THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW, we'll be interviewing Jim Kouri, a security expert who's all over this story. But before you tune in, I encourage you to read Atlas' post and Kouri's article (above links) for background on this story. And if you have time, hit the link for radio talk show host, Laurie Roth. Roth broke this story on her show.

Because of extensive reporting by Marathon Pundit, we're familiar with some of the players in the Chicago area, but this story goes to the next level.

We have a huge line-up this evening, included are Jim Kouri, Dr. Walid Phares, and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. As you can see, we'll be focused on the Middle East, terrorism, and Obama, Obama, Obama.


9 PM ET, 580 WDBO Orlando. Streamed "live" on the internet.

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Pictured below are Barack and Michelle having dinner. If you don't know who's seated with them, go over to Atlas' to find out.


Read Melanie Morgan's report on what the pro-troop, pro-Marine supporters did in the streets of Berkeley on Saturday while the Code Pinks and hippies slept in. It doesn't get any better, trust me!!

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