Wednesday, June 04, 2008

IT'S THE MEDIA, STUPID !!--updated

Last night, the primary season came to an end with Obama sealing the deal. The only unfinished business for the dems is what Hillary's role will consist of in the coming months. As of today, it's Obama v. McCain.

Nearly a year ago, McCain's political corpse was being lowered into the grave and Hillary owned the world as the presumptive nominee for the dems. The coronation, anyone? Today, McCain owns everything as the republican nominee and Hillary ends up $20 million in debt. Quite a reversal of fortunes, I'd say. How did this happen? Good question.

Short answer: the media. We didn't pick these candidates, the media did. In the case of McCain, I think it's obvious conservatives didn't pick him. In fact, we totally rejected him. Just a year ago his campaign was DOA. But he lives on.

In the case of Obama and Hillary, the media loved Obama, picked him and threw Hillary under that bus. Yes, she made a few mistakes along the way but nothing that would end a campaign. Now, Obama, that's another story. Any one of his problems would not only end a campaign, but a career. However, with the MSM working for you, anything is possible.

Look at these two men. McCain is being marketed to you as a conservative, which is a lie. Saying he's a republican is a stretch. Obama, now here's a guy who has no record. He accomplished very little in the Illinois Senate and absolutely zero in the U.S. Senate, with the exception of running for president.

Obama has so much baggage--TUCC, Rev Wright, Moss, Bill Ayers, Rezko, Michelle, Nation of Islam, Gaffes--that he has to haul it around in steamer trunks. McCain's baggage is his senate record--he's a liberal. One day he'll make a fine democrat. (did I mention Dr. Juan Hernandez?)

Btw, since the Fairness Doctrine isn't in place yet, Obama's problems are just beginning and will get bigger. I think the DNC miscalculated by not ditching him a couple months back for Hillary. By not doing so, they've essentially committed "OBAMACIDE"--Watch and learn.

If the MSM did its job the way it's supposed to--watchdog for the public--neither of these men would be running for president. Obama probably wouldn't be a senator. Yet, one of them will be living in the White House next January. But how can that be, you ask?

Well, just take a couple generations of Americans. Re-educate the first generation through our institutions of higher learning, then release them to the world to work and have kids. Turn the schools into full-blown, government operated indoctrination centers--K thru post grad--and churn the 2nd gen of kids through as well. Of course, "teach" them along the way, eventually releasing them to the world...and before you know it, you can market anything to these "enlightened" individuals--from products to politicans to socialism.

What have they learned? Entitlement, victimhood, and consumption. Got a problem?--see the govenment. To question, doubt, even attack, America. That GOD is not only illegal but insignificant. Most importantly, to always buy the bullshit the MSM is marketing to them. Don't think, don't ask, just buy.

I leave you with this. Try to think.


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