Friday, June 20, 2008


Melanie Morgan's weekly commentary at WND--HOT TALK--is now published. I urge all of you to read it because it's one of Morgan's most important columns.
I bet some of you weren't aware that Morgan and others, including our own Andrea Shea-King, are making history right now. Troop Support History, that is. Come June 26, even more history will be made and each and every one of you can and should be part of it.

Now, here's Morgan's commentary, read it, pass it along, and make plans to join the effort in support of our wonderful fighting men and women:

By Melanie Morgan

Were there moments when your boss sent a nasty e-mail? Perhaps the car broke down while the kids were fighting in the back seat, or you felt overwhelmed trying to take care of elderly parents, or had the sinking realization that the 401k plan isn't living up to your expectations in this economy?

You don't know how lucky you are.

One-hundred eighty thousand of our brave troops are right now in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the front lines of the war on terror. While you sit here reading this column, temperatures in Iraq are soaring above 110-115 degrees. The night provides no respite from the oppressive heat that seems to suck the oxygen right from your lungs. Low temperatures for many cities won't even dip below 85-90 degrees. Now imagine enduring this heat while wearing more than 50 pounds of body armor and equipment, and even a shower (if you are lucky enough to get one) can't remove the grime that covers every inch of your body.

But that's not even the worst of it...continue reading.

In the coming days, many people will be posting about "From The Front Lines". You'll be hearing about it on tv and the radio. Do your part to get the word out.

I mentioned above that Andrea Shea-King is involved in this effort. She's included in the All-Star line-up that will be broadcasting "live" on June 26. Andrea's part in this effort was even mentioned in my local Sacramento paper.

Pictured below is Andrea. Because I work with Andrea, I often have her picture posted here at my site, and, I might add, she takes a good pic. But this time, I don't have her picture posted for you to see her; I wanted you to see the lady to her right. This is Mary Lou Wade from Florida's Space Coast and Andrea's very good friend. When it comes to supporting our military, few can match Mary Lou's passion.

For decades, Mary Lou and her family suffered with the loss of a loved one. That loved one was one of our military heroes. Loss is one thing, but not knowing is quite another--Capt Herbert Crosby, Mary Lou's brother, was MIA for decades. Last year he was finally brought home to his family and laid to rest at Arlington. Andrea attended and reported on it.

This kind of loss and suffering can jade and weaken even the strongest of families. It would be understandable. Mary Lou, however, hasn't been weakened. In fact, I think she's stronger than ever. Even after being pounded with grief year in and year out, she continues to think of our military. She's an inspiration and we could use more like her.

This past week, Mary Lou did something that made a difference. Did you? Some would say it's no big deal--but I think it is given what this woman and her family have been through. She went that extra mile in pointing out something we rarely consider as we go through our daily lives here in the States. And she did it with our military in mind.

I'm not at liberty to mention what she did and it's really not important that I do so, but if you read Morgan's commentary, Mary Lou's fingerprints are all over it. And, Morgan did a great job of painting the picture for us.

Whether it be time or money, it isn't important how large your contribution is to the support of our military; the important thing is that you contribute something and continue to do so when you can. Our military needs our help; they deserve our help.

Now, if you think Mary Lou's done for the week, think again. Go that extra mile, make a difference. Be like Mary Lou.

Andrea Shea-King (L), Mary Lou Wade (R):

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