Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We've seen enough stories about the selling of key American businesses as well as parts of America's infrastructure to indicate that, yes, America is for sale. Now, don't get me wrong. Doing business with folks is a good thing--investment is a good thing, but not transactions that involve key industries and infrastructures with national security implications.

The government tracks and reports on transactions involving foreign investment on a regular basis. Hell, the government tracks just about everything these days and these reports provide the public with some very important information. Maybe, too important.

Now, what I'm about to tell you is completely the fault of Americans like you and me. We've caused our government some problems by having the audacity to follow up on things we think are dangerous to our Nation.

At times, we wrote about it, emailed about it, phoned congress about it, even faxed about it. Need I mention Talk Radio?

For example: When we found out about the Dubai Ports deal and made our voices heard, the deal had to be scrapped. The aftermath of our stunt left those in Washington very unhappy.

Since then, our man at Treasury, Henry Paulson, has been running around the globe trying to drum up investments in America. Seems he's being met with some reluctance, thanks to loud mouth Americans like you and me:

"In May, during a four-day trip to the Middle East that included Saudi Arabia and Dubai, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson encouraged foreign investment in the United States, arguing the controversy over Dubai Ports in 2006 did not reflect an adverse U.S. attitude toward foreign investment."

After voicing our concerns about certain Nations investing in America, mainly Islamic Nations, those Nations are now trying to calm our fears:

"WND previously reported since the beginning of the year, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two of the largest United Arab Emirate states, have been in discussions with the U.S. Treasury, offering reassurances that their investments in U.S. banks and security firms would not impose restrictions usually dictated by Islamic law, commonly known as sharia."

I feel much better, now. How you feeling?

PROBLEM SOLVED: By reporting on such deals as Dubai Ports (Duncan Hunter comments), we created some political roadblocks for the "Monty Halls" in Washington who purport to represent our best interests. So much trouble was caused that they came up with a very simple, yet effective, solution.

"Foreign investment in the United States is on the rise and key U.S. businesses and infrastructures such as roads and airports are being sold to foreign investors. Now comes word from the U.S. Department of Commerce the Bureau of Economic Affairs will stop publishing a key report tracking those foreign dollars." (my emphasis)

Read the story as reported by WND's Dr. Jerome Corsi.

**Here we go, again--another voice. If you're not careful, Washington's next "solution" might be shutting down the internet. After all, they have deals to make and we have our "assurances". Please, DO NOT WRITE about this subject anymore. Stop...before it's too late.

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