Friday, July 11, 2008


Last Wednesday on The Andrea Shea-King Show, we interviewed Will Bower of PUMA-JUST SAY NO DEAL. Bower's grassroots organization thinks Hillary was cheated out of the nomination, so they're focusing their efforts on getting her name placed at the top of democrat ticket for president.

Whether they succeed or not, they have one common goal in mind: NObama! PUMA-JUST SAY NO DEAL boasts a couple million members and growing--they have the full, undivided attention of the Obama campaign, too. What's more, they are raising millions of dollars for Hillary.

Since Andrea secured the interview with Bower for her Wednesday show, WorldNetDaily tapped her to cover the story of this growing coalition of Hillary supporters. Saturday's issue of WND headlined Andrea's story.

If you're not aware of PUMA-JUST SAY NO DEAL, it's not surprising. The MSM has ignored the story. But the Obama campaign, including Hillary, constantly make reference to the group's membership. As late as last Thursday morning in NYC, Hillary, again, referred to those who are frustrated, saying:

"...that it was time to get over the frustrations of the primaries and pull together to put Mr. Obama in the White House."

PUMA-JUST SAY NO DEAL is in play for the rest of the election cycle. To learn more about them, read Andrea's article, go to the PUMA site, and listen to Andrea's archived radio show with Bower from last Wednesday. Btw, Bower is a great interview. If you have your own show (Rush), invite him on for an interview. You won't be sorry.

Talk about reaching across party lines: NObama!

NOTE: The PUMAs also have their own BlogTalkRadio show--NO WE WON'T P.U.M A. RADIO. Each time I've listened, there's never less than 100 folks in the chat room. It's a busy show with lots of energy, passion, and interviews. Next show is 7-13 at 8 PM Eastern. Hit the above link to hear their last show, and take note of their opening. Very fitting.

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