Sunday, July 06, 2008


Powerline reviews a carefully crafted piece done by CNN on Col. Bud Day--Greyhawk originally posted the story. CNN being CNN, there were certain things they wanted you to know about the Col., and a few things they didn't want you to know.

Personally, I'm sick of these stories. The Leftstream Media--this time CNN--are busted on a daily basis for this type of reporting but nothing ever comes of it. For now, the MSM controls the message and there's not much we can do about it, except continue bringing attention to it.

Carl Cameron interviews Col. Day.

***I've been talking with Andrea about Col. Bud Day and the CNN piece. Let me tell you, she's not happy at all. In fact, she's been on the phone making things happen. During our last conversation, I remembered a post I did a couple years back about the C-141 StarLifter's retirement. Tail number 60-177 "The Hanoi Taxi".

This is the 141 that brought our POWs home in '73 to Clark AFB. Bud Day was among those on board in '73. Here's the retirement video (below) with Col. Bud Day present and accounted for.

UPDATE: Powerline has more about the CNN--Col. Bud Day story. Gateway Pundit has more, plus a video interview of Col. Day discussing Wesley Clark's latest comment (attack) on McCain. Malkin weighs in.

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