Monday, June 23, 2008


Recently, two stories came to light that are disturbing and dangerous. One we can do something about come November; the other we have to live with for quite some time. Many stories get reported by bloggers and just go by the wayside as newer, more shocking stories develop. However, these two stories are not going away. And, like I said, we can do something about one of them this November. If we lose the White House to Obama and congress to the dems, there will be little we can do about either of these stories. November is everything.

The first story (still developing) is about how Rep. John Murtha accused our Marines of murder in Haditha, labeling them as "cold-blooded killers." 7 of the 8 Marines originally charged in the "massacre" are no longer being prosecuted because the charges were either dropped or the cases ended in acquittal. Murtha knows full well he'll be held accountable for his treasonous behavior against these brave Marines; he's being challenged this November by William Russell and it's my hope many will $upport him. The cartoon below depicts the REAL story of the Haditha Massacre:

The second story is the Supreme Court decision allowing terrorists being held by the U.S. full rights under our court system--Justice Kennedy being the one who wrote the deciding opinion. Until we get some movement at SCOTUS (new blood), we're just stuck with this dangerous situation. The cartoons below say it all:

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