Friday, June 27, 2008


After I get up in the morning, I begin the cruise for news and posts at my favorite sites. Usually I follow the same routine each morning.

When I hit the link in my blogroll for Atlas Shrugs, I leave the computer and go make coffee. With a cup of Joe in hand, I return to the computer to read Geller's site. I do this for a reason.

This has always been the single-most frustrating site for me to access, so I schedule distractions--making coffee, showering, reading a novel, 3-day road trip, etc--to avoid the irritation her site causes me while it loads. Normally, I wouldn't return to a site like this but her content is that important.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one experiencing the excessive load times--Geller took note of the problem (finally) and trimmed the site down to fightin' weight. Now ATLAS SHRUGS loads in a flash. Head over and take her for a spin!

How's your site?

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