Tuesday, July 22, 2008

G. I. JO 1917-2008

Singer Jo Stafford passed away last Wednesday. She lived 90 long years. I hope they were all happy ones.

During World War II and Korea, Stafford took time to go overseas to make sure our GIs were entertained. She brought a little warmth and happiness to an otherwise bleak environment. In my book, that'll get you a front row seat in Heaven. Bless her soul.

From the NYT:

"A favorite of American servicemen, Ms. Stafford earned the nickname G.I. Jo for her recordings in which her pure, nearly vibrato-less voice, with perfect intonation, conveyed steadfast devotion and reassurance with delicate understatement...She was the vocal embodiment of every serviceman’s dream girl faithfully tending the home fires while he was overseas."

From 1952, "You Belong To Me"

"What's My Line" appearance

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