Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I'll risk being labeled a "truther" by posting the SCOTUS update re Obama's birth/citizenship issues. Let me be clear: I don't care about your opinion. But to be crystal clear, if your opinion happens to begin with "Has anybody here seen Bush's birth certificate?"--leave now and head over to the New York Times. They'll have something more to your liking.

It is newsworthy when there's 17 or so lawsuits calling into question Obama's eligibility for POTUS. It is especially newsworthy when one of those lawsuits gets approved for review by the full SCOTUS. Again, I don't care about your opinion. This SCOTUS-POTUS issue is NEWS.

Now, for the conservative big talkers who aren't mentioning this issue on the air, as well as the big bloggers who are either not reporting or attacking those who are, I'll just assume you folks received phone calls. I know that's crazy talk but I can't square it any other way. Apparently, many of your readers/listeners can't square it, either.

Here's the "truther" SCOTUS/POTUS update. (interesting history lesson included)

Also of interest, Pastor James David Manning was in Washington yesterday for some SCOTUS/POTUS/OBAMA related business at the National Press Club. Thinking ahead, as he often does, Pastor Manning thought there was a chance the MSM would sidestep the 4+ hour presser, so he brought a crew with him to cover the event. BTW, Manning was correct: MSM was listed as AWOL. Manning says the presser footage will be available in a few days. I'll post it.

The day turned out to be a long one for Pastor Manning but he was generous enough to come on The Andrea Shea-King Show to give us all the details. Excellent interview. For any newcomers, Andrea blogs at The Radio Patriot. She doesn't care about your opinion, either.

Pastor James David Manning and his wife, Elizabeth Sarah Manning:

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