Monday, March 23, 2009


UPDATE: Lloyd did an excellent job getting the message out during his Fox interview. Bill Hemmer's set-up was very good as were his questions. We're proud of ya, Lloyd. I think we've got a Tea Party goin' on...!!

**TONIGHT 9 PM ET** Lloyd Marcus, WFLA's Bud Hedinger, and Free Republic's Kristinn Taylor will join Andrea Shea-King to recap the Orlando Tea Party events. The Tea Party organizer, Lisa Feroli, won't be able to make the show because she's doing Glenn Beck and Fox and Friends.

TUESDAY MORNING AT 10:30 AM ET--FOX NEWS. Lloyd will be interviewed about his new song, "American Tea Party." Not sure if they'll just play the song or if Lloyd will be singing it. Either way, this is great news for Lloyd. He deserves nothing but good things coming his way. A true American Patriot!! Check out Lloyd's website. Pictured below is Lloyd performing at the Orlando Tea Party last Saturday. He was the STAR of the show!!

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