Monday, March 09, 2009


Students at the University of Hawaii aren't going to wait around to see Obama's birth certificate. Nope. They're moving forward with a film about Obama's birth: Born in Hawaii:

These University of Hawaii students will use a cast of local people for the story that takes place at Kapiolani Medical Center, the place where it is conjectured Obama was born. The story will relate how nurses and staff would feel if they knew that the child born there was going to grow up to be President of the United States. It focuses on one nurse in particular passed over for promotion and the baby that is born, with the impact that the event eventually had. The students are advertising for a cast and crew to sign up for
this film.

Well, this film should end the birth certificate issue once and for all. Next case.

Other Obama related news that you won't see in the MSM: Did you know that Obama's wikipedia site has a team of volunteers monitoring all added content? Just go over there and add something to it and find out what happens next.

Where's Jack Lord when you need him?


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