Thursday, March 05, 2009


Via Michelle Malkin. The DNC wants to "talk back" to Rush Limbaugh, so they're proposing you add your message to Rush on this billboard. The DNC will then pick the best one and have the billboard displayed near Rush's home in Florida. Also, you'll win a new t-shirt.

I took the opportunity to add the message that I thought Rush would like to send out to the multitudes in America, including the fine folks at the DNC. I think it's an appropriate message because even the people in Rio Linda are beginning to figure out Obama's a fraud and that his policies are destroying America's wealth creators. (btw, people who create wealth provide the jobs) If by chance you don't understand the Rio Linda reference, here's the explanation. Related Rush post.
Note of thanks: Andrea Shea-King--"The First Lady of Space Coast Conservatism"--provided the photoshop skills.


This debate idea posted at The Anchoress has me remembering the bake sale days. I think the idea can work.

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