Tuesday, April 07, 2009


There needs to be an Olympic event for assholes, because Michael
Edmonds would not only take the gold, but the silver and bronze as well. Edmonds is second to none when it comes to being an asshole.

Last week, Edmonds and three of his buddies decided they needed to have a little fun. Fun for these assholes consists of killing dogs. That was their first mistake.

Doing this in Texas was their second mistake.

One night last week at about 1:00 am, the four arrived at a private ranch. After exiting their vehicle and locating a dog, they executed it with a .357 handgun. Just for fun. The dog's name was DASY, and she belonged to Marcus Luttrell.

This was their third, and biggest, mistake, by far.

What happened next is simply amazing. Edmonds, however, escaped and is on the run. My advice to Edmonds is to continue running--he will not do well in jail. Not in Texas. Not for killing Marcus Luttrell's dog.

Glenn Beck has the whole story along with a video of his interview with Luttrell. In the interview you'll learn how DASY got her name and why she was no ordinary dog. Pray for Marcus Luttrell, his mother, his Seal Team members, and for DASY.

***UPDATE: Glenn Beck announced that Edmonds turned himself in and is out on bail...developing.


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