Saturday, November 14, 2009


One of Obama's allies and political ATMs, Code Pink, an organization co-founded by Jodie Evans, has been discovered using our dead and wounded soldiers at Ft. Hood as a backdrop to raise funds for their subversive, anti-military, anti-American organization.

Kristinn Taylor, Free Republic's Communications Director, and columnist/radio talk show host Andrea Shea King are reporting yet another disgusting Code Pink story. So far, I have yet to hear the Obama administration denounce any of Code Pink's efforts, so I'll assume they don't have a problem with the actions of this subversive group. Of course, this could change in the future.

BIG GOVERNMENT is covering the latest Code Pink revelation. Taylor and King's previous Code Pink/Jodie Evans/Obama reports can be found here. If you're not familiar with these reports, you should be.

***NOTE: I encourage all of you to stop by Free Republic to donate something to help defer the costs of running this most valuable information gathering site. Free Republic's founder, Jim Robinson, isn't slotted for any stimulus dollars, so leave something on the table for him. DONATE HERE. Thanks.

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