Monday, February 15, 2010


Americans are waking up, albeit slowly. But waking up nonetheless. Indiana's Evan Bayh has announced he will not be running for re-election this November.

Bayh adds his name to a growing list of dems who've seen the writing on the wall--TEA PARTY. Two words, easy to understand--TEA PARTY momentum is on the move, growing stronger by the day. The pace is even surprising to me. For progressives, it must be frightening.

Obama's party is coming unraveled, with huge political losses in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts. Don't forget Obama's set-backs with the Chicago Olympics, global warming conference and the recent win by a tea party organizer in New York state, and do not forget Rep. Patrick Kennedy of RI. I'm sure I'm leaving something or someone out.... oh, yes, the future loss of Sen. Harry Reid's seat in Nevada. Might as well count that one now--he's burnt toast. The political grave is already being dug for this communist SOB.

Conservatives are on such a roll, driving so hard and so fast, that I'm fairly certain what's on the horizon: crisis. This is the only thing Obama and the DNC can use to stem the flow of political bloodletting. They DID NOT come this far to lose their fight against America, the takeover of America, to a bunch of patriotic, drooling idiots. Expect a crisis in some form or another.

Keep fighting the good fight, doing whatever you can. Keep advancing at all times. Think WOLVERINES, lest this happens to us.

***Read this NOW--from AJ Strata.


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