Tuesday, February 23, 2010


During Tuesday night's Andrea Shea King Show, we had the honor of having Rick Moran in our chat room. As the producer of the show, I like to get things just right. Well, Tuesday I didn't.

Throughout the show, I always make it a point to plug blog sites belonging to folks in our chat room. I saw Rick Moran's name on the list and proceeded to plug his site. So I typed into the chat:

"Rick Moran's site RIGHT WING NEWS DOT COM"

Nice of me, huh? Well, yes, except that IS NOT his site. Ouch. Rick had to correct me:


I know his site but was in too big of a hurry and got tangled up on the RIGHT WING thing. My apologies to Rick for the mistake. Later, I made sure to put Rick's correct url in the chat, and Andrea made the point on air. Again, Rick, my apologies.

Now, besides publishing one of best blog sites on the web, Rick has a blog talk radio show as well: THE RICK MORAN SHOW. Check it out. Please.

Let me review: Rick Moran's blog site is WWW.RIGHTWINGNUTHOUSE.COM and his blog talk radio show is THE RICK MORAN SHOW.

Enjoy both of them. Please.


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