Tuesday, April 06, 2010


*Please take a moment to say a prayer for the entire mining community in West Virgina, especially for those who've lost loved ones.

TPX III tour embed, Andrea Shea King--The Radio Patriot--reports on Day 10's stops at Evansville, IN, St. Louis, MO, Springfield, IL, all in one post. Great commentary with lots of photos! Santa Claus stopped by too... guess what everyone wants for Christmas this year?


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of Noisyroom sits up front in the Blue Bus as she provides readers with a complete round up of TPX links, including the latest TPX press release. She's driving the bus with this comprehensive report.

DAY 11--Tuesday--brings TPX III to rallies at Davenport, IA--10:00 AM; **Rockford, IL**--2:00 PM; Madison, WI--6:30 PM. All times CDT.

**Rockford**--John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit will be attending the Rockford rally. Ruberry has been of great assistance to the tour as it swings through the Big Ten States. Stupak, we're headed your way.

IMPORTANT links: TPX III, TPX TV, and TPX tour schedules. Check for upcoming rallies, and continue to file those reports. So far, you're making the MSM media crazy trying to keep up with you. Their "narrative" is falling apart a little more each day. Don't stop now!

*BREAKING NEWS* for the New York Times--TPX III goes hip-hop. Yes, one of their entertainers is a rapper--POLATIK performing in Little Rock. How racist can you be? And he's a HUGE hit to boot! Yo Yo!! Polatik on "Freedom." Check Polatik's site.

TONIGHT at 9 pm et, The Andrea Shea King Show broadcasts "live" from Madison, WI. Call in at 646-478-4604.

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