Saturday, June 26, 2010


Many things have originated from the city of Chicago. It's a great city, and a beautiful one at that. Hell, Frank sang about it.

Chicago offers up great sports, great food, great entertainment, and political corruption so bad that even Paul Powell would hang his head in shame.

Names like Dion O'Banion, Bugs Moran, Hymie Weiss, Richard Daley, Al Capone and, of course, Barack Obama and his Marxist crime syndicate, have all made their way into the pages of Chicago history. (Obama's history is still being written.)

Ever hear of a Chicago Typewriter? 2122 North Clark Street? Both very much Chicago.

There's always The Loop, Michigan Avenue, Lake Shore Drive, Grant Park, the Wrigleys, and Hugh Hefner. All things Chicago.

Take a few steps outside Chicago proper and you're in Morton Grove, home to one of Chicago's highest rated political bloggers, John Ruberry, owner and publisher of Marathon Pundit.
Ruberry's currently ranked at #47 in political blogs on the web. (John's just beginning to make Chicago history, so stay tuned. Happy 15th too!)

When it comes to history, Chicago's been one busy town. It even had the time to create it's own words. Yep, words.

As hard as Chicago works--"The city that works"--it still found time to create words that would be forever connected with the city. It's a busy city.

Chicago Magazine compiled a list of the top 40 words with Chicago origins. We use many of these words on a regular basis, but I doubt many would know the history of these 40. I didn't, and I'm from the area. Enjoy.



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