Thursday, July 08, 2010


An email this morning from Kitty Myers of Kitty Litter, tells of the closing of one of her local hotels--The McClintock Hotel.

Doing business in Corning, New York, The McClintock is steeped in local history, dating back as far as the 19th century. Towns big and small across America have hotels like The McClintock; some are still operating, many are not.

Progress and bad economic times force many of them out of business. However, their histories make for interesting reading, and The McClintock has history.

The McClintock was around when the government decided it needed to make rules on when and where one could drink. The government also decided it was necessary to define just what constituted a "hotel." Don't you just love the government? Always there to help out or get in the way, depending on your point of view.

As the article points out, The McClintock had to make a few adjustments so it could fit the government's definition of a hotel, thus allowing it to serve drinks on Sundays.

A most interesting read about a Corning, New York business that's about to close its doors for good. For this hotel, the history book is about to close too.

Kitty points out that she used to work across the street from The McClintock, an experience that prompted her to write a story about the hotel:

"Spud Shelanski lives on at the Alabaster Bar & Grill," by Kitty Myers.


*UPDATE: Kitty adds to the story in the comment section--Buddy the dog, a taxi, and a TV commercial. And, of course, the government!!

The bar owner had a beagle named Buddy. Buddy would lounge on the front window and charm people as they passed by. He was famous in the area for frequenting restaurants and begging for food. And because he tended to travel a ways for goodies, the owner put a tag on his collar instructing anyone who found Buddy to put him in a taxi and send him back to the McClintock. The taxi drivers knew the bar would pay the tab.

This led to one of the best commercials for the bar. The taxi company and the McClintock combined forces and made a tv commercial for people who wanted to enjoy a safe night out, and they used Buddy. It showed him arriving at the bar by taxi, having fun and then getting into the taxi to go home.

Eventually, the health dept. put at end to Buddy's visits to the McClintock.


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