Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Rudy in North Carolina sent this story to me, and I thought it was worthy of passing on to you. In some ways, this story reminds me of the Tea Party Express--surrounded, outnumbered and being shot at constantly. The last week or so is a prime example of such attacks.

In '43, Old "666" was on a "mapping mission" in the South Pacific. The crew soon found itself in a situation that no other B-17 bomber crew would've survived, let alone completed their mission. But they did both. This wasn't an ordinary crew, either--they were called "misfits," "screw ups," and "castoffs." No one wanted them. So they banded together to form their own bomber crew--Old "666" was the name of their bomber, taken from the tail number.

When this crew went "wheels up" on their mission, they were just a bunch of "screw ups," but when they returned, the entire crew was awarded medals, two of which were Medals of Honor.

The following video re-creation is very good. But to really get a feel for their little slice of hell that day, here's the story in full.

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