Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Bell city manager Robert Rizzo is led away in cuffs at his home.

Here's the deal in Bell, Ca.: Four of the city council members are going to jail for imposing millions of dollars in illegal taxes and business fees. The money will have to be refunded to the taxpayers and Bell will more than likely end up in receivership.

California's AG Jerry Brown is involved and will most certainly clean up the situation in Bell, return the money and send these criminals to jail. No doubt in my mind that Brown will use this as an example of his ability to clean up California's problems as he campaigns for the governorship. He'll need a lot of handcuffs, that's for sure.

Still no mention in the article of any party affiliation. Since Bell is outside of LA, it's a good guess they're democrats. If republican, it would've been mentioned prominently in the article.

"With four of Bell's five City Council members facing corruption charges, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to push for a court order to seize authority from them and turn day-to-day management over to an appointed receiver." --continue reading.

More Bell coverage here, here and timeline of events.

Ann Coulter at WorldNetDaily uncovered the party affiliation in an August column:

"The one newspaper to cough up party affiliations, the Orange County Register, admitted that the corrupt officials were all Democrats only in response to reader complaints about the peculiar omission.

"Lots of news stories on the scandal in Bell used the word 'Democrat' or 'Democratic.' But that was only to say that the DEMOCRATIC attorney general of California, Jerry Brown, who is running on the DEMOCRATIC ticket for governor, is investigating the Bell officials' salaries."


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