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had the TPX crew holding rallies in NM and TX. Tour Embed Andrea Shea King posted a slide show from the Las Cruces, NM rally at
The Radio Patriot.

DAY SEVEN--Sunday--will put TPX IV in
Abilene, TX--11:30 AM, and then onto Waco at 4:30 PM. Check TPX's tour schedule for upcoming rallies in your area. Monday will feature Dallas and Little Rock--make your plans now.

Tune to
Tea PartyHD and to attend the rallies via live streaming on your computer. During the rallies, they include many interviews from folks attending the rally as well as crew members.

**BTW, ANDREA SHEA KING will be taking the stage in Abilene--Tune in at the above link to watch. ***9:45 am pt--Schedule is tight so they had to cut a couple speakers. Andrea was one of them. Look for her in Waco.

PICTURED BELOW is the TPX IV Commemorative Journal III. You'll want one of these since the TPX is making history with these tours. Order your copy today!

Again, visit some of the blogs that are doing their part to spread the news of the TPX tour: Barbara at American Freedom; Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom; Melanie; John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit. And if I've missed someone, please email me and I'll include you on this list too. Your assistance makes this tour all the more effective. The TPX crew thanks you. America thanks you too.

UPDATES for today's tour events will fall in below as Andrea reports news from the road.

UPDATE: Patriots of all ages showed up at the Odessa rally. Photos by Andrea Shea King.

UPDATE II: Andrea just reported in that Texas Gov Perry will be attending the Waco rally.

From NoisyRoom: "We Won't Stand For Tyranny." More at the link:

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