Monday, November 29, 2010


I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. One spent with family and friends and free from the daily grind of talking politics and everything Washington DC. Sometimes you need to shut it all off and take a break, right? Wrong.

The progressives never take a day off, never holiday, never give up. Like the cockroaches they are, they just keep coming back, breeding more cockroaches, doing what they do best--attacking with the intention of destroying the one thing that makes their lives, their family's lives, their entire free existence possible--America.

Well, this past holiday weekend,
Free Republic's Kristinn Taylor partnered up with one Andrea Shea King. Both deciding not to take a day off during the long Thanksgiving weekend, they used their time to write up yet another piece that exposes just what the leftist media does here in America and abroad. I don't think I need to explain what it is the leftist media does on a daily basis, but it does it well. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small, incremental ways. It just does what it does. In time they'll be stopped, harnessed and sent along their merry way. But in the meantime, people like Kristinn and Andrea must and will continue to expose them for what they are, even though at times it seems it does no good.

Read their piece by going to
The Radio Patriot. It garnered much attention at Breitbart's BIGS, and even caused the one they were exposing to pop his little bitty head up in response. Thank you Kristinn and Andrea for sacrificing your holiday weekend to do the dirty work so many others are unwilling to do. We are truly thankful for your efforts.

And since Andrea's off the leash, be sure to tune in tonight at 9 PM ET--
THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW. Who knows who she'll piss off this evening...


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