Friday, December 17, 2010


Yesterday we witnessed another great victory when the Omnibus Bill went down in flames. The Tea Party Movement was in full operation over the last few days, organizing behind the scenes as well as in the halls of congress.

The MSM, however, will gloss over the fact that the Tea Party flexed its considerable muscle and put an end to this insane spending bill. This is what the MSM does and we are not surprised by it. Soon, the MSM will find itself in the same situation the senate found itself in yesterday.

Anyone connected with the Tea Party Movement should take a well deserved bow. But don't spend too much time on stage patting yourselves on the back, because there's much more work to do. This is just the beginning.


Let's say California was a fire call. One of those five-alarmers. The firefighters upon arrival would simply tell everyone to stand back and let her burn. There's nothing that can be done for this "Tarnished State" at this time. It's gone. It's not going broke, it is broke--bankrupt, insolvent, busted! And when the state's financial infrastructure finally collapses, all states will feel it at some level. And others will follow. It will be interesting to watch the geniuses in Washington deal with this catastrophe, and then turn it into an "opportunity."

Victor Davis Hanson decided to take a closer look at California, focusing on inland towns and then over to the coastal regions. Hanson begins his research in the Fresno county area and his take on the situation is spot on. It's bad. I have friends in the Fresno area who frequently update me on their situation. It's really bad.

"TWO CALIFORNIAS"--Victor Davis Hanson.


TONIGHT on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW, Bob Chapman will give us his monthly report on the economy. Chapman's views on the economic mess we're in are by no means sugar-coated. The real facts and figures are unpleasant but must be presented truthfully and without spin. Tune in this evening at 9 PM ET for more of Bob Chapman's economic analysis.

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