Friday, December 03, 2010


Glenn Beck's "BROKE": Early in the day I called the theater and they told me the showing of "Broke" was 50% sold out. So I bought the tics online and arrived a bit over an hour early, guaranteeing great seats in the stadium theater configuration. Some had arrived even earlier. Before show time the theater was full, rows and rows of patriots. The atmosphere was unlike that of a movie going experience. People were talking to each other--that is, people who didn't know each other but knew they had something in common with everyone seated around them.

I won't go into a breakdown of the various topics Beck covered or how he presented them. But I will say he's very good in this format, leading his audience down the road of knowledge and pointing out how to learn even more on the topic. And always--ALWAYS--challenging viewers to not take his word for it; do the research yourself! It's difficult at best to argue with confidence like that.

Andrea Shea King attended "Broke," wrote about it and added an excellent photo slide show to round it out--The Radio Patriot.

This evening on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW, we'll be discussing "Broke" and encouraging any listeners who attended to call in with their comments or questions. If you didn't attend, tune in anyway. You won't be disappointed. 9 PM ET.


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