Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Tonight on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW, Senate expert Elizabeth Letchworth will be our guest, informing us on the latest news and trends in congress. She brings to the table nearly three decades of congressional experience--always out front of the latest news and what's in store for the American public as it pertains to our elected bodies. When it comes to the nuts-and-bolts of congressional process, Letchworth has no peers.

Elizabeth Letchworth is the Owner-Founder of, 4 times elected United States Senate Secretary for the Majority/Minority, U. S. Senate-retired, presently senior legislative advisor @ Covington & Burling, LLC.

Letchworth just penned a piece for The Daily Caller where she explains why we're in this mess regarding this unusual lame-duck session. In it, Letchworth makes the case for placing the blame as far back as Ronald Reagan. In other words, a very good history lesson in how congressional trends and bad habits get started and develop over the years. From The Daily Caller:

"In this era of playing the blame game, can the blame for the current lame-duck session be pinned on President Reagan? I think it can.

"Ronald Reagan won his first presidential term in a landslide election back in 1980. That election “shellacking” produced the second largest GOP freshman Senate class in modern history, with 12 new Republican senators. The largest class of GOP senators in modern history is the incoming class, which has 13 new Republican senators. The 1980 class brought to the Senate members who had little or no experience in public service." Continue reading.

Letchworth is one of our most informative interviews. She's with us each Wednesday and always has more information than time will allow. Don't miss her interview this evening.


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