Thursday, May 26, 2005


The final episode of Idol last night was the only one I watched this season. Pretty good show. I was pleased to see the judges all had COCA-COLAS strategically placed in front of them. However, Paula seems to have difficulty with product placement--label forward, Paula. I know the "Bo Ho" in North Dakota wasn't pleased with the outcome, but even I knew "country western" was going to come out on top against "rock."

***Eleanor Clift gives me a burning sensation in my throat everytime I see her on TV; reading one of her articles is worse because there's no one around to shut her up. Who are these "God obsessed Christians" she mentions? Might they be people attending church services on a regular basis? Jesus, Eleanor, run and hide before they get ya! Wingnut.

***Michael Savage is one rude SOB. But, he's right about liberalism being a mental disorder. You can't explain it any other way. SAAAAAAVAGE.

***If you want to know what other nations are thinking and saying, you have to read their papers. I went to an Aljazeera site to see what they had to say. I expected as much but had to read it for myself.

***Stopped in to see what the Chi-Coms were saying about the U.S. and was reminded why I'm so pissed off at our Congress. We really have to get a handle on this, otherwise we're in for some big problems. Big.

***I've decided, after much thought, that I'm not "chillin" over this "deal" made by the republicans. They should've dropped the hammer on the dems when they had the chance. Hugh Hewitt says it best.

***Zarqawi may be wounded, he may even be dead, but one thing is certain: He is hot and it's becoming more and more difficult for him to move around as he previously has. Don't rule out him pulling a "Swordfish." Misdirection.

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