Tuesday, October 25, 2005


How the Cheney, Tenent, and "Scooter" story is going to end is anyone's guess. I do know that in the meantime the MSM will feed off this story with a vengeance. MSNBC should fit Chris Matthews with a drool cup because he'll be slobbering all over himself in the upcoming weeks. Maybe this is where Cheney resigns and Condi steps in to finish up his term. It's anyone's guess.

***Cindy Sheehan can't wait to identify the 2000th soldier to die in "Bush's war" so she can make some much needed political hay. But Sheehan's attempt to regain her prior status in the MSM could backfire on her; the family that loses the 2000th soldier might not hold the same views as Sheehan. It could be that they won't appreciate Sheehan using their loved one as political fodder. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one. UPDATE: 12:10 PST--Foxnews just announced the passing of #2000; a soldier wounded in earlier action. RIP.

***73-74-75-76-77: Get to know these issues, because if they pass, look for them to show up on a ballot near you. Another blogger's opinion here.

***This ad is great, but MLB doesn't agree.

***The new Mr. Fed: Here's his story.

***Mr. Right's photo contest is a good one this week. Get over there and post your entry for the photo below.

***A story I missed in the MSM. Marathon Pundit has the details.

***Heartfelt post.

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