Friday, October 21, 2005


Will there be indictments against Rove and "Scooter"? There's conflicting reports about it this morning and both are coming from the NYT. One report says probably not; the other indicates they're in big trouble.

Next week will be huge for the Bush administration. If the prosecutor decides to indict, coupled with Tom Delay's arrest, Bush's second term will be forever altered. On the other hand, if there are no indictments, Bush still has his hands full.

*****OTHER STUFF*****

--Mr. Right describes a perp walk to end all perp walks--Texas style! Don't forget about the Photo Caption Contest this week.

--Marathon Pundit went to DePaul last night; Ward Churchill was the featured speaker. He had some interesting encounters that you'll want to read about. He photo blogged as well.

--South Park flood!! This is a great parody of the news coverage during Katrina.

--Joan Rivers is pissed off. She drops a verbal bomb before producers can hit the cut-off button.

--If you have a bashful bladder, find another urinal.


--Wilma is headed for Florida, so let's see how many seek refuge in this Key West bar. Live streaming with audio. (Wilma has knocked the power out, so the cam is down for now)--electricity is back again.

--In NYC you can get your teeth cleaned, drilled, or pulled in front of an audience of millions. Live streaming, no audio.

--Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley. Watch them go to and from class.

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