Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Say what you want, the gal is good. And it's folks like her that helped put George W. Bush in office in 2004. She doesn't make a big deal about it, but it's true. Few of us can make the same claim; I know I can't.

The last election was close, and if not for the efforts of Kitty, and many others like her (Pat), the outcome may have been quite different. It pains me to even consider such a thing.

The upcoming election doesn't seem to be that big a deal since it's a mid-term affair, but let me remind you that its importance is beyond that of the 2004 election. The House and Senate are up for grabs, and if we lose one of them, even a seat, things will change, and not for the good.

So, I say get involved in your local elections, educate yourselves, send some emails, pick up the phone, and by all means, VOTE. If you follow the lead of Chris at Lucky Dawg News, Blogs For Heather, you can't go wrong.

I know many of us are busy with the things that life thrusts upon us, but this is bigger than that. Take the time to make a difference in the future of your country, and the future of your children. Let's leave them something worth fighting for.

This upcoming election, be like Kitty.

The democrats are organizing now--what are you doing?

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