Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The Radio Patriot reported that Huntsman announced his bid for the republican nomination for president... at Liberty Park. I had to laugh because Ronald Reagan stopped by Liberty Park back in 1980 while campaigning against Jimmy Carter. Huntsman is no Ronald Reagan. He's not even a conservative, so I'm not too sure what he was trying to accomplish by using the same Reagan venue. Reagan belonged next to Lady Liberty; Huntsman was out of place. Huntsman was less than inspiring; Reagan owned the day... and Jimmy Carter.

In 2012, it will take a real freedom loving, American patriot who will respect and follow the constitution at all times; one who has unquestionable loyalty and dedication to this great nation and its allies around the world. In other words, a true conservative. That's the kind of leader it will take to fill the riding boots of a Ronald Reagan.

Quite possibly this person. Or maybe these two.

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