Sunday, August 07, 2011


DAY THREE brings the TPX Wisconsin tour to three rally locations: 11am in Fond du Lac; 2:30 in New London; and closing out the day at 6pm in Merrill.

Yesterday the union put pressure on a business located at the rally in Kenosha, but that didn't stop TPX's rally from being a success. Marathon Pundit reports on it. The left feels the pressure building in this election battle and they're prepared to do whatever it takes to win. Disruptive actions by the unions only validates the goals of the Tea Party Express. We're on the side of right and they know it.. and they're afraid.

Tour embed Andrea Shea King will continue reporting in as events unfold today. After yesterday's rallies concluded and everyone had some dinner, Andrea got to thinking about something that was missing from these rallies. Something that was so obvious, we didn't notice at first. She put her thoughts to paper at her site--The Radio Patriot.

THANKS A MILLION TO: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom Blog; Trevor Loudon at New Zeal; Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit; I Own The World's BigFurHat; Michelle Malkin. And, John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit. Arlen Williams, If I left your site off this list, I am sorry. There's so many of you and we thank each and every one of you for your help.

UPDATES for today's rallies will fall in below:

*FOND DU LAC rally--Andrea reports that despite threatening weather, it held and the crowd showed up. The rally is ongoing and there's nothing of note happening (union protests, etc). The numerous speakers are hitting the stage--The Rivoli Revue is doing their part to entertain the crowds. More later... 1125AM PT--Andrea just called in--rally has ended, all went very well. They met one WWII vet who served with Patton somewhere around Palermo. The crowds were fantastic, went off without a hitch. Now the crews are back aboard the bus, traveling to the next stop in New London. Pictured below--Fond du Lac rally:

**NEW LONDON rally: Andrea reports TPX has arrived early. So they're taking a little lunch break--Pizza time!! Ok, word on the street is the New London rally has ended--Rivoli Revue ended with a tribute to our troops. On twitter, I noted this interesting tweet: Tabitha Hale

***MERRILL rally: About 100 are gathered under a pavilion at the Merrill rally. Amy Kremer is speaking now and The Rivoli Revue is preparing to take the stage for the closing song--Freedom Isn't Free. The whole crew is exhausted--it's been a very long day, 3 rallies and I'm thinking their beds are calling to them about now... but first, how about some dinner? Andrea's now giving me the real story on just how tired everyone is. Seems someone fell off the stage... something to do with a poor choice of shoes and being tired--no injuries.

Ok, been a long day and the Merrill rally is wrapping up, crew headed back to bus--bus driver--Terry Bear (Real name--swear) says he's not tired and will be just fine.

Night all.


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