Thursday, August 04, 2011


"Be sure to tune into On The Record with Great Van Susteren tonight on Fox News Channel.  Our Tea Party Express Chairman, Amy Kremer, will be a guest and talk about the upcoming RECALL campaigns in Wisconsin and the tea party movement's effort to fight back."  10 pm et FNC.

For the crew of the Tea Party Express Wisconsin Pre-Election Tour, it's travel day.  TPX crew members are flying in from all corners of the nation to join in solidarity with the voters of Wisconsin. By this evening, the entire crew should be assembled and ready to organize for the first rally on Friday.  

Veteran TPX embed, Andrea Shea King, packed her bags this morning and headed to Orlando International airport.  Andrea will be meeting up with other tour members as their flights begin to descend into Wisconsin. 

At her blog--The Radio Patriot--Andrea fills in the blanks on what's happening in Wisconsin, who the players are and why we're needed on the ground to help support the embattled Wisconsin legislators.  It's a battle that will have far reaching effects on all states, and the outcome will depend on all of us offering a helping hand. 

There are many ways you can help in this effort.  Money, of course, is always needed in a fight like this one.  Your contributions are the life's blood of any political effort of this magnitude, and the Tea Party Express is not exempt from this economic reality.  So please consider a contribution today.  It'll be one of the best investments you could ever make--the U.S.A.  Remember the Nov '10 elections?  Well, imagine what we can do in Wisconsin and in the 2012 elections.  With your help, anything is possible.  Stay in the fight!


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