Thursday, July 28, 2011


In all practicality, this is John McCain's last dance in Washington, so he doesn't give a rat's ass what he says or what you think. So, it was just a matter of time before McCain crowed loud enough lest there be any doubts about his true nature.

We've long known McCain to be a liar, a RINO, a progressive... he's all that and then some. We know it, he knows it and without a doubt the world knows it. But have the voters of Arizona figured it out, yet? I wonder about them (with the exception of all residents of Surprise.)

Andrea Shea King--cross-posted at The NoisyRoom--shared her thoughts and included the thoughts of Dave from Dallas. Dave is the type Washington insiders simply loathe, because he has them figured right down to the last ruble and expresses his thoughts in a very clear and understandable manner. No Washington speak coming from this Texan. He knows "ruling class" when he sees it and says as much.

After thinking about the McCain floor speech yesterday, I was reminded of his '08 concession speech. Some have forgotten it--for good reason--but it was clear to all what this man was all about. When I listened to it the night of the election, I remember getting the feeling Obama and McCain were playing both ends against the middle and the election result was predetermined long before the actual election. It never felt right. And then McCain took the podium to announce his defeat.

First, the speech is 10 minutes or so but you need only listen for a minute, maybe two. If you go any deeper the vomit begins backing up in your throat. This concession speech was so ridiculous that his own people immediately turned on him, and McCain had to raise his little bitty arms to get them to back off... then he went forth with... well, just listen.

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