Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Fresh off a trip to New York City and experiencing six airport terminals without once being molested by TSA, Andrea Shea King is playing "ketchup" at her site. There's so much to blog about on a normal day that one can sometimes get overwhelmed by it all, especially when you get behind on the constant flow of information and breaking news. Head over to her site--The Radio Patriot--and see why she was invited to the big city.

For me, it's one of those days too. Which subject to do I rant about?--and I'm in a ranting mood. Lucky for me, one of my "Special Ops" comrades has made my job that much easier--Kevin Jackson from The Black Sphere. His recent rant was linked in the "Special Ops" email thread. I've always wanted to be with the special ops guys and gals--the Edward Lansdale type of life and all, but it's really nothing like that. Just a lot of very smart operatives who know their stuff and are able to express themselves ever so eloquently. This makes them very dangerous and troublesome to many in the DC power structure--both sides of the aisle have no idea what to do with them or the Tea Party in general.

Getting back to Jackson, he posted his rant this morning and I will be sending you over to his site for a look see, as well as adding him to my blogroll. What's more, this evening I will be having show host Andrea Shea King make mention of Jackson's very pointed rant about the process in DC and individuals working the process against us. (You don't know this, but Andrea's spooled up like a Rolls Royce jet engine, awaiting clearance to taxi into position) She gets this way from time to time.

When Andrea rode with the Tea Party Express, in this case TPX IV, I did daily updates as Andrea reported from the road. Oct 30, 2010, TPX pulled into St. Louis for their Tea Party Express rally. Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit captured this photo of Andrea and Kevin Jackson. In the background is Herman Cain speaking to gathered patriots. It's great photo composition on Hoft's part.

Here's Kevin Jackson's rant: TEA PARTY CRASHES ORGY.

*Kevin Jackson is author of the Amazon best-seller The BIG Black Lie, and The Black Sphereblog.

TONIGHT: The Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET. Call in at 646-478-4604. See you in the chat room!!


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