Tuesday, May 15, 2012


While Dave says he is ready to ring an alarm bell alerting the medical team that he's an inch away from the coffin...

Hi everybody!  Andrea here, writing at Dave's request and on his behalf.  And no, he's not anywhere near danger -- just feeling like death warmed over as the stem cells engraft themselves into his body and the docs continue to administer chemo to keep his immune system suppressed.

I spoke with our patriot earlier today -- the first time in several days that he's felt human enough to make a call -- and he's doing fine.  Well... as fine as can be expected.  His physicians tell him his "numbers are perfect" and he's doing very well, despite feeling pretty cruddy. But the docs' are confident he's doing just fine, even if Dave occasionally is ready to punch the eject button.

It is expected that ThirdWaveDave will continue to feel icky for the next few days, but after that things will improve. And then you'll be hearing from him instead of me. But in the meantime...

Dave asked me to extend his thanks to those of you who have left messages for him at his Facebook page, in his email box, and here at his blogsite. And to all who are praying for him as he faces the biggest challenge of his life -- bigger even than when this 200-jump skydiver made his first leap into thin air from 10,000 feet!

More to come, so stay tuned! Reporting to you ALIVE and well via UC Davis Cancer Center in Sacramento...

The Radio Patriot

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