Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I don't hide my dislike for France. The people are probably ok, as people go, but the government can take a flyin' leap. Anytime our great Nation can get the best of the French, I'm a happy little camper.

The US and the French don't compete in a lot of sporting events. There's tennis, soccer....and, well, I can't think of any others. We do go head to head in wine making, and some think Napa is topping the French wines across the board.

It seems there's a new type of competition that the US is waging with the French, along with 11 other nations. You won't see this event covered by Sportscenter, but the US won the event and the French are not pleased, since we won the thing on their home court. Yes, we were road dogs and pulled it out....of the oven.

Check it out.

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