Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I liked Hal Holbrook as "Deep Throat." Now that the truth has come out, Hal's history. I know we all wanted it to be someone other than a bureaucrat. But that's life and sometimes real life isn't very sexy.

McClure over at Polipundit has it right, "looks like it's time for some good old fashioned Nixon bashing in the MSM." I'm sure the MSM types are basking in the glory of days revisited; the days when they brought down the great, the mighty, Tricky Dick. The birthplace of the "anonymous source," The Washington Post, will be forever looked upon as their Mecca. Maureen Dowd will no doubt be writing about this in her next column, but I'm curious how she'll bring Bush into the mix. Trust me, she will.

About the only thing that confuses me is why Mr. Felt came out in this way? I thought it was supposed to be kept secret until his passing, according to Woodward and Bernstein. It gets me to thinking the family is wanting their turn at the media cash register, like so many before them. This could be Mr. Felt's idea, but I'm thinking it wasn't since he's 91 and probably has no selfish interest in media attention at this stage. The family, well, they might be interested in any future sales that might be had off dear, old Grandad's story. Then again, Mr. Felt might be using this as a way to leave his family a tidy sum. Who knows? I guess you can't blame them for trying to make a buck.

Next week: "I was the one on the Grassy Knoll." Stay tuned.

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