Friday, June 24, 2005


Rumsfeld is one cool customer. He took Ted's best pitches yesterday and didn't swing at one of them. Ball four, take your base, Mr. Rumsfeld. Kennedy tried to call him out on strikes but you have to actually be in the game to do that. I think it's clear Teddy's not in the game.

Teddy isn't the only one not in the game; his party isn't either. Kennedy and the democrats, at best, are reduced to sitting in the cheap seats booing those on the field making plays. Spectators. After all, John Kerry made a career out of spectating from the Senate bleachers.

Kennedy thought it was time for Rummy to resign as SECDEF, but I thought a better idea would be for Kennedy to resign, thus making room at the table for someone with an idea, a solution, and a plan of action. In other words, someone who supports America and its service men and women. Other than a scotch and soda, Kennedy doesn't bring much to the table.

But, you have to understand that Teddy is at his grumpiest this time of year. His political career officially ended 36 years ago next month. It was in all the papers along with Neil and Buzz. Not a good time for the "weak kitten in the litter." 36 years? Time does fly. Don't you think it's time, Mr. Kennedy?

And I noticed the reporting of Rummy's appearance with Kennedy in the New York Times. The Times just can't bring itself to call a terrorist a terrorist. Their headline reads:

"Timeline for Iraq Pullout Would Aid Insurgents, Rumsfeld Says"

But what Rumsfeld actually said was:

"It would throw a lifeline to terrorists who in recent months have suffered significant losses and casualties, been denied havens and suffered weakened popular support," said Mr. Rumsfeld. "Timing in war is never predictable. There are no guarantees. And any who say we've lost this war or that we're losing this war are wrong. We are not."

Ya got no game, Ted, so don't you think it's time?

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