Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Just when you thought it was impossible for Teddy Kennedy to get any lower, he comes through with yet another embarrassment for him, his family, and, sadly, our Nation.

Ted felt so deeply about panty clad terrorists at Abu Ghraib, he made a speech yesterday marking the anniversary of the scandal. It's a long, blistering speech, detailing the events at the prison. However long it is, you are compelled to read the entire text simply to see if his next paragraph is more outrageous than the previous one. And, they are.

Teddy is marking the day for one reason and one reason only: To score points against Bush in a game of political one-upsmanship. Hurting our Nation is not a concern for Ted; hurting Bush is.

I'm convinced if Ted's brothers were alive today to witness what he's done to the family name, they'd slap him so hard that Rose would buy a new black dress.

Since Ted is in an anniversary mood, I think July 18th would be a perfect day to remember: The anniversary of Chappaquiddick. We'll call it "Chappy Days." It could be a week long celebration in remembrance of Mary Jo Kopechne. Ted could give one of his long speeches to open the weeklong festivities celebrating Mary Jo's short life.

If you've ever wondered why Ted is the way he is, an insider to the Kennedy family once put it this way:

Cleo O'Donnell, wife of a former Kennedy campaign aide, had this to say about Kennedy:

"Teddy Kennedy was the weak kitten in the litter, never able to measure up to his brothers. The accident at Chappaquiddick displayed his chronic immaturity. One problem Teddy has always had was keeping it in his pants - even when other people are around."

Weak kitten, indeed.


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