Monday, June 27, 2005


Kitty at Kitty Litter has come through with photographic documentation of her "busy" control center. Included in the photo is the soon-to-be-famous "DOG CAGE." I didn't believe it, but there it is. I'm afraid if I had a dog cage in my area, I'd probably find myself in it. So, now that she's come through with a pic, I thought I would do the same with a full-view of my control center. Compared to hers, I feel a bit like "Monk." Apparently, she's a lot more busy than I am.

I think she should get pics from everyone in her blog circle and do a post showing where all the good work is created. Thanks, Kitty, that was fun.

P.S...Kitty's having blogger problems, so when you click on the link, scroll down to see her pic.

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