Thursday, July 07, 2005


I was up for 20 hours when the first reports began showing up on tv this morning. I was too exhausted to blog and forced myself to stay awake until Tony Blair held his press conference.

Rush opened his show this morning with statements he figured the hand-wringing left would soon be blurting into the closest mic: "Get out of Iraq, close Gitmo." He was correct, because it didn't take long for just that to happen, as Lifelike Pundits and Brainster point out. Michelle Malkin has the pedal to the metal on the bombings. She's in blog over-drive.

Rush correctly pointed out that this was not an attack on London but an attack on Western Civilization.

Obviously AQ was trying to send a message to the G-8. However, I think they made a big mistake. Hand-wringers aside, this act of brutality drives home the importance of defeating terrorism.

I wondered what some of Illinois' finest leaders had to say about the attacks, so I called Durbin, Hyde and Hastert this morning:

Durbin: No comments.
Hyde: No comments.
Hastert: Statement was released and will be on the web soon.

Today, we're all Brits.

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