Friday, July 01, 2005


As I suspected, the Diana Griego Erwin story flew through the MSM radar systems undetected. A stealthy B-2 story. "Undetected" might be the wrong word; "ignored" may describe it better. At any rate, I had more questions about Erwin, so I called the reporter charged with following up on her past work, Dorothy Korber.

First, this story is interesting because it says a lot about the state of the MSM, and not only about the writers, but the editors who are supposed to oversee them. Most editors probably do a great job, however, it's apparent some don't. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Many of you out there have a better feel for the writer/editor relationship and how it works. I know I don't.

When I got Korber on the phone, my main question was what Erwin was doing for employment?

Korber said she had no idea if Erwin was working and she directed me to a recent interview Erwin gave to a local publication, The Sacramento News and Review. It's one of those "give-away" papers that highlight local events, restaurant reviews, ect. Korber went on to say that many of Erwin's long-time readers have contacted the paper to say they didn't care that she made-up the stories, because they were "good" stories. Korber was puzzled with this outpouring of support.

I went on to ask how a journalist of Erwin's ability and fame gets started down this path? Korber didn't have an answer but added that the pattern was established early on, at least with her employment with the Bee, which was over a decade. The interview in the SN&R sheds light on where Erwin's head is now: Deep in the depths of denial. Or, she's flat-out lying. You make the call.

In the interview she makes statements like, "I didn't make anybody up." "There's a witch hunt going on in American journalism." A witch hunt? Please. You got caught with your journalistic panties down, Diana. Pull 'em up and move on.

Getting back to my original question to Korber regarding employment, it appears that Erwin may take a crack at writing fiction.

Good choice.

Erwin interview in the SN&R here.
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