Tuesday, July 05, 2005


"Move America Forward" is a Sacramento based organization that is taking a truckload of conservative talk show hosts to Iraq. They will be reporting what the MSM has missed so far: The truth. This project isn't going over well in the MSM, either, as Michelle Malkin points out in this post. You can get all the details and some broadcast dates at Newsmax and MAF. This should be very interesting as their coverage from Iraq begins to unfold.

I live in Folsom, a suburb of Sacramento. Having said that, I thought I would venture into the on-line edition of the Sacramento Bee to see if they had write-up regarding the Iraq trip by MAF. I was certain they would have a big story about it since the group is based here in Sac, and one of the biggest names in Sac radio, Mark Williams, will be one of those going on the trip. Mark will be broadcasting from Iraq and his show will be heard on KFBK here in Sac, the same station Rush launched his national career from.

So, do you think I found an article about the trip? No friggin' way. But I did find this important news item on the front page, with the headline that reads: (free reg req)


"Soon, Folsom's 27 churches will be joined by suburban Sacramento's first traditional mosque, complete with a 70-foot minaret like those that mark skylines from Morocco to Malaysia."

That figures.

Hat Tip goes out to Marathon Pundit.

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