Monday, November 14, 2005


Did everyone miss what happened last week? Either you did or you're too tired to care. CBS is probably figuring that you're tired of the "Rather" story and will let CBS slide without making a big fuss. Not the case here, though.

What happened last week was this: First, all week you got a steady dose of Mary Mapes making a complete idiot of herself while trying to sell us on the validity of the "fake documents." Second, and ever so slightly, CBS brings Rather back on the air in the final segment of 60 Minutes Sunday night. Pretty slick, if you ask me.

It's been a little over a year since Rather and Mapes were caught by a wild pack of pajama clad bloggers, and CBS figures (hopes) that's the extent of their attention span. So now Mary and Dan are back in action. Well, at least Dan is; we'll have to see where Mary lands.

After retiring (fired) as the anchor at CBS News, Rather didn't go back to Texas to write books, ect., he went on the shelf until the dust settled. Apparently the dust settled; he's back onboard the mothership as if nothing ever happened. Things haven't changed with CBS and it's clear they've learned nothing from Rather and Mapes' attempt at changing the outcome of a presidential election.

For me, it's back to RATHERGATE.COM, to fill-out the email form that gets sent to all CBS advertisers. I did this back when the story was hot and I still get contacted by advertisers. It worked then and I assure you that it will work again. I urge you to take a minute and send them your thoughts on the matter. Just click here.

CBS is either stupid or Dan has pictures of someone at corporate with farm animals. I think they're stupid, but don't rule out the pictures.

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