Thursday, November 10, 2005


"Clear on the right, clear on the left!" If you're familiar with that phrase, then you've been on a firing range. But this particular firing range has the kids getting in on the act, but don't worry, their parents are close by.

This range is different in another way, too: It's a full-auto range!! When it comes to firing ranges, this one's gettin' it done.

They fire at stationary targets, junk cars, and even a car tries to drive through the area but is reduced to a smoldering pile of molten metal in no time flat, because little Sally just unloaded several hundred rounds into it. They also blow stuff up. Looks like a weekend of non-stop fun to me.

And, no, you won't find this place anywhere near the San Francisco Bay area, unless the criminal element has a range hidden somewhere in the 'hood. Oakland, anyone? This range is in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Full-Auto Shoot. See it here. H/T Ace of Spades.

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