Friday, November 18, 2005


Mark Williams' interview with Sacramento City Councilman, Robbie Waters, went very well. Williams had Waters on for an hour, took calls, and did a great job of explaining how this resolution made its way through the council. Unfortunately, because Waters was willing to stand up and show his support for our troops, he's being targeted for defeat in his next election.

It's clear that the "Gang of 8" doesn't "get it," because the only thing this resolution accomplishes is giving "aid and comfort" to our enemies; the enemies that are killing our brave men and women.

Last week, Melanie Morgan, of Move America Forward, requested that we email or call each councilmember and ask that they rescind the proposal immediately. I emailed, and then I thought I should call, as well. When I called, I was informed that the councilmembers were off that day (Friday) because it was a holiday. Veterans Day, that is. How sweet. They get a 3-day weekend, courtesy of our Veterans.

The "Gang of 8" are the types that go around saying they support the troops, but not the war. However, real Americans know this makes no sense whatsoever. You can't have it both ways; you either support the troops 100% or you don't. The "Gang of 8" do not support our troops. Period. In fact, they are helping the enemy kill them.

Over the weekend I got curious about how much the SCC respects and supports both our troops and veterans. Tuesday morning I started calling each member and asked the staffers the following question:

On Friday, Veterans Day, which Veterans Day ceremonies did the councilmember attend? Here are the results:

Mayor Fargo: Did not attend.
CM Tretheway: No response.
CM Sheedy: No response.
CM Cohn: No response.
CM Fong: No response.

CM Hammond: Staffer became very angry. Wanted to know why I needed this info and it might be info I have no business having. End of conversation.

CM McCartys: Attended a veterans' resource center Friday.
CM Waters: Staffer didn't think he attended because he was recovering from a recent surgery.

CM Pannell: Did not attend.
NOTE: "No response" indicates that the staffer didn't know, or was reluctant, and said they would research the question and call me back. I had to call them back and I received the same response. As of this posting, no call backs. But if they do, I will amend this post immediately. However, I think "no response" is the same as "did not attend."

I'm not seeing a lot of support here.


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