Thursday, March 02, 2006


When the President hits the skies in Air Force One and secretly lands in a distant and dangerous locale to visit the troops, I think it's fantastic. And I know the troops' spirits are lifted; I know mine are.

Remember when he flew overnight, landed in Iraq, and had Thanksgiving dinner with the troops? Everyone, with the exception of the MSM, loved that one.

Yesterday he slid into Afghanistan unannounced and paid a visit to our fighting men and women--good stuff.

Secret missions by the President don't worry me that much, because they're secret. No one knows about them. Tomorrow, however, he travels to Pakistan, and it isn't secret. Today, in Pakistan, a terrorist set off a bomb that killed an American envoy, but the President says it will not stop him from making the trip.

Many in that region are willing to risk taking a shot at Air Force One, or any other plane he flies in, and there's only so much you can do with regards to security. This trip gives me a bad feeling; I don't like it.

UPDATE: The President is on the ground in Pakistan. So far, so good. Read this article about the President's trip and some of the security procedures they employ just to land in this country.

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