Thursday, July 20, 2006

JULY 20, 1969

37 years ago today, Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11's Commander, climbed down the Lunar Module's ladder and became the first person to set foot on the moon. An American foot, that is.

Lunar Module Pilot, Buzz Aldrin, became the second person to walk on the moon when he joined Armstrong.

Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot, circled the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin remained on the surface.

Apollo 11 had a backup crew but they rarely get mentioned:

James A. Lowell Cmdr
William A. Anders CMP
Fred W. Haise LMP

The greatest feat known to mankind, and it was done by the greatest Nation on the face of the earth--The United States Of America. Sadly, after scanning the major news outlets today, I found no mention of this historic day. Maybe they'll find room in the late editions.

***For another breaking news story on July 20, 1969, click here.

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